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  • A minimap feature would be nice – just a blank rectangle with a pip on it to show where you are. That way the player can at least have a chance at remembering what ground they’ve already searched. Or maybe if you had like 12 unique objects and litter them around the map with fair spacing – this would also help the player keep track of where they’ve searched.
  • I like the red effect around the screen, but it would be nicer if it was a bit smoother. It seems to skip or jump at some points.
  • I think the borders around the cards should visually look more like borders. I don’t really know what that would look like, but when I look at them, they don’t really feel like obstacles.
  • Maybe more ghosts as you slap more jacks to increase the pressure?
  • You could create the illusion of there being more ghosts if, instead of the ghosts just following the player the whole time, they’ll despawn at occasionally at then dive in from new angles (maybe from in front of the player, for example). This would I guess just create a different “feeling” – right now it feels like you’re being chased by ghosts, and with this other way it might feel like you’re surrounded by ghosts. Just something to consider maybe. This could also counter the Matt-strat.
  • I think if you added a bit more acceleration to the movements they might feel more natural? It’s a bit blocky. Not a continuous acceleration, but a slight acceleration to the end velocity (either moving or stopping).
  • A heartbeat sound effect as the ghosts get close might be cool.